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Manus Academy provides a rigorous and accredited academic program for students in grades three through twelve. While our instruction and curricula are customized to meet the needs of individual students, they incorporate the academic standards set by both state and national educational agencies in each subject and skill.

To ensure that our students use the skills they learn easily and with little mental effort, we require relatively high levels of proficiency before we teach them the next skill in the hierarchy. For instance, students developing reading skills must read words at a given level fluently and with at least 90% accuracy before we teach them the next skill. The same is true for other basic skills, such as spelling words in sentences, recalling math facts, punctuating sentences and identifying the grammatical functions of words.

When students learn skills that require the integration of numerous sub-skills, we usually set our passing criteria at 85% mastery and at a medium degree of fluency. Examples of these skills are: writing paragraphs, essays and research reports; performing math computations, such as solving long division problems or simplifying algebraic expressions; and comprehending what they read. Students continue to practice and the instructors adjust their teaching strategies, if needed, until the students reach the passing criteria.

To complete and get credit for their coursework in any of the disciplines in math, social studies, science, English and foreign language, students in our high school college preparatory program must pass these courses with at least 80% mastery of the entire course during the final assessment. All teaching strategies, class accommodations and student performance measures are built on this premise. Some students meet these requirements quite easily and within typical periods of time (i.e., within a quarter or semester) and some students need accommodations, additional instruction or a longer period of time to meet these criteria.