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Manus Academy

Manus Academy specializes in working with students with learning barriers. We train them to build essential academic skills and to successfully complete their coursework, solve problems and meet the demands of their school and social environments. To ensure that we deliver to each student the most effective instruction possible at any given point, we follow an academic process that equips us to:

    • pinpoint where a student’s learning breaks down
    • identify the underlying factors that hinder his or her goal achievement
    • develop an instructional plan that facilitates learning
    • deliver instruction intensively and efficiently
    • measure the student’s practice and progress
    • communicate this progress to others

We guarantee the delivery of our services. Our methods and materials are based on decades of educational research that tell us how to maximize student learning. These methods have been further subjected to rigorous in-house testing and are continuously improved and updated. The end result is a strong educational program where every student shows progress.